Are you about to go shopping, packing your luggage for a journey or do you need to manage a plenty of activities a next day? Such a situation represents another opportunity for an English lesson. How could it be? Easy! Make a list which leads you through shopping, packaging or your next day, but write it in English. Try to express every point of your list in the foreign language. If you do not know the proper expression or word, describe it. In a case you are run out of ideas/word stock, make a note and look it up later. Still, such a list is twice more valuable. Not only are you going to manage the tasks easier, but you have just improved your English language skills as well.

Do you have any other idea what to do? Tell us!

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Tutor and language consultant. Have been studying languages since childhood and speaks fluently English and French. Due to his special knowledge he manages to solve any language obstruction. As langauges are his hobby, he knows lots of interesting facts that are often neglected when learning in formal way and shares them with his students to bring them closer to the language.



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