Attractive places outside the centre

There are three places you have to visit: the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House. Expect queues during the morning and holidays. But in Amsterdam there are many places where to go. You do not need to stand in line all the day.

A typical round-trip (“rondvaart” in Dutch) in a canal boat is really a cliché. But it is great and for 9-10 €.

Many people think the Waterlooplein flea-market is the best market but there is nothing special. The city offers better places like Noordemarkt and Albert Cuyp Street market.

There are too many people in the famous Vondelpark. In summer, you can go to the concert and to the open air theatre there. There are many al fresco cafés and always something going on.

Tip: Are you planning to visit Amsterdam for three days? Buy an Amsterdam Card with a public transport and museum entry. The Museumkaart (Museum Card) is better when you want to stay in Amsterdam longer. It costs 40 € and you can visit museums and you don’t have to wait in a queue. You can get it in large museums.

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Remote but not forgotten

The Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House – the big three with their typical characteristic signs as long queues in the morning and holidays are considered as the must see. But that’s not the reason you have to see them. Amsterdam offers more than queuing all the day.

Looking for something like a cliché? An hour-long rondvaart (round trip) in a canal boat with a glass top view would be the right choice. For 9-10 € well done!

Listed high among the places to visit, the Waterlooplein flea-market disappoints with the goods that can be found anywhere in the world. The Noordermarkt and Albert Cuyp Street market are certainly a better choice.

Feeling like going to a free concert or an open air drama? Vondelpark is the right place for you with all these summer activities and a variety of al fresco cafés and a common hustle.

Tip: An Amsterdam Card allows you to use public transport and enter the museums for free for up to three days but in case you are staying longer or rather prefer walking or cycling, a Museumkaart (Museum Card) might be a bargain. You can enter most museums for free in the whole country for a year and avoid queuing. Go to the first large museum and buy one. You’ll have your money’s worth after four museums visits.


queue – a line of a crowd standing and waiting
a must see – a sight have to be seen due to its historic or other value
cliché – an unoriginal and predictable thing or activity
flea-market – a street market selling a second hand goods
to feel like – to have an incline to do something
hustle – a state of a great activity
allow – to enable, make something possible
bargain – something bought for a good price
avoid – not to undergo something
worth – equivalent to the price or sum

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