Amsterdam: Where to sleep?

You are in Amsterdam and need to find a hotel. A houseboat? Why not. You can stay on the water and lie on the bed. Do you like canals? ‘t Hotel is the right place for you. You pay 139 € for a double-bed. Chic and Basic Hotel presents a good and trendy accommodation. Cocomama is a hotel for backpackers. In one of the dorms there are some Playboy pictures. The dorms are a former famous Amsterdam’s brothel. But now you can find there only a weed smoking tourists in the large garden.

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Amsterdam: Where to drop off

Cruising Amsterdam and searching for a place to stay? A houseboat is a must! Imagine you are swinging at water level, lying on the bed, water sloshing around … The fans of the canalside should book their 139 € double in ‘t Hotel which is highly recommended. When looking for something trendy and affordable, find the Chic and Basic Hotel while stylish Cocomama is a suitable choice for the backpackers. In case of discovering some 80s Playboy pics in one of the local dorms, be sure that you find yourself in an ancient well-renowned Amsterdam’s brothel. But keep calm. The naughtiest thing you might experience in this fully-renovated digs are joint smoking travellers in the spacious garden.


to drop off – to fall asleep
to cruise – to travel around and discover
must – a duty
to slosh – to move the water with the splashing sound
affordable – financially available
ancient – former
renowned – well-known
brothel – a house were men visit prostitutes
naughty – dirty, impolite
dig – an old rediscovered ruin

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