In every collective or team must be one or more assholes. This is just the rule and it works in 90 percent of cases. And it’s up to you, how you deal with them. You can fight, you can let it be or you can give up. But it’s hard to tell what is the right choice.

At first you need to recognize the assholes. But it’s quite easy, because their behaviour is still the same. They have also some usual traits.
The first one is narcissism. They always think, they are the most special of all. You can be better, but you can’t fight, because it has no sense. Just let them think, they are the best.

The second comes impatience. If they think, they need something, they need it now. It can’t wait, so if you don’t want to make them angry, give them everything and as soon as possible.
This is also connected with aggressiveness. They can be mad because of almost everything. And you can’t do anything with it. So better get out of their way.
Entitlement is their another trait. If they say, something is theirs, it’s theirs. Because it just is.

Delusion is also common in their cases. They think you talk behind their backs and they could become mad at you for no reason.
It’s harder when the asshole is your boss. In this case you don’t have many options, because you just can’t ignore him and don’t talk to him. So you can withstand it or just give up.

You can’t avoid some bad people in the workplace. There are many people you may not be friends with, but there are also people, who are not friends with anybody, because they are just assholes. But it’s also not hard to recognize them, because they have some usual traits.

Narcissism is one of the most common traits of those assholes. In the workplace is no one better than them. And if you think, you are better, you can’t say it out loud. You don’t want to get into fight with them. The only one right solution is to let them think, they are the best.

Impatience is also popular when we talk about assholes. If they want something, they want it now. They can’t wait and they don’t care if you have something you need to do first.

One rule is the most important, don’t fight with them. It has no sense, but it’s really easy to get into fight. Because they are aggressive, but you have no chance to win the fight. So let them talk, let them yell, but don’t fight back.

If they say, something is theirs, it’s theirs and it doesn’t matter if it’s true. This is their another trait, entitlement. So you need to be prepared for this kind of situation and give them everything they want. They have also ears everywhere so don’t talk about them behind their backs. It can lead to another fight, so if you talk about them, only in a good way.

It’s easier to handle the situations if the asshole is your co-worker, but it’s harder when it’s your boss. You have only two options what to do. Give up or withstand it. And it’s only up to you which way you choose.


Avoid – To stay clear of; go around or away from
Asshole – a stupid, mean person
Recognize – to identify
Trait – a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
Solution – The answer to a problem
Impatience – lack of patience
Yell – to shout, scream
Be prepared – To be willing (to do something)
Handle – To deal with
Withstand – To resist



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