I am a normal woman without any special needs. I always wanted a loving man and a family, but during my life I realized, it’s not that easy. One moment you think, you love someone and in another moment you see someone attractive and all your thoughts about immortal love are gone.

At the beginning there was a man, who made me laugh and was also my best friend. We were dating a couple of months and when I saw, that all my friends were happily married, I came to a decision it’s time for us too. I can’t tell, I loved him, but we were really happy and did it. What a mistake.
I realized that later. I met another guy and immediately fell in love with him. It was hard time for me, because I didn’t want to cheat, but I had to. One year later, my first marriage was over.

I wasn’t sad, because I knew, it couldn’t work and because I had new love. The second marriage in my life came when I was 27. I was really happy and thought, it could last forever. Another mistake.

We were married more than ten years, but also in that time, I cheated on him several times. The reason was simple, our sexual appetites were completely different. He thought the sex isn’t so important, but I wanted it more often.

It’s not like I would have sex with anyone, I need also feel something for the man. I tried also dating sites, but that’s not for me.
I learnt a lot from my experiences, so now I know, when I’m in a relationship and have cheating thoughts, something is not right.

You think, you are happy in your relationship and nothing can destroy it. Then one day you meet another man. At first, nothing special. Later you try not to think about him. But it’s hopeless and eventually it is a start of the end.

The same situation happened to me. I was in a relationship and after one year we decided to get married. In that time, I was only 23, but all my friends were living their dreams. They had family and looked so satisfied. But for me it was too early.
I enjoyed every moment with my husband, but it wasn’t real love. He was my best friend, but it was not enough. One day I met another man. There was a sparkle between us and in that moment I realized, I have a serious problem.

After one year of happy marriage came the divorce. It was not a surprise, because internally I loved another man. We were dating and after couple of years we also decided to get married.

It was a second chance for me and I was prepared to take it. I tried really hard, the marriage last more than ten years, but in that time I met other men and I cheated again. This time I had the real reason. Our sexual appetite was very different and I couldn’t handle the lack of sex.

Now, after the second divorce, I know that in my relationship is something wrong, when I got cheating thoughts.


relationship – an emotional or other connection between people
hopeless – having no hope
satisfied – filled with satisfaction
sparkle – a point of light
serious – critical
marriage – a legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife
Internally – of or relating to mental or spiritual nature
couple – two or few
different – not identical or the same
lack – deficiency or absence



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