Do you study English at school? Have you started to watch films in English instead of dubbed ones? That is brilliant. Try this one…

Wake up with English!

Before going to bed, sit down for a while and write a few sentences in English. Just imagine that you are writing to somebody you really like. What would you like to be the first sentences the beloved person hears in the morning? Write them down and leave them on your bedside table. Right after opening your eyes, grab the paper and read those sentences aloud. You can include statements such as: “This day is unique. Make it special. Your English is getting better day by day. You have another chance to improve it. Do not worry to make mistakes because you learn from them. You do not need to compare yourself to your colleges.” Firstly, these statements contribute to your good mood. Secondly, reading in English so early is like an alarm clock to your brain, which just woke up. It will be warmed up immediately.

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Tutor and language consultant. Have been studying languages since childhood and speaks fluently English and French. Due to his special knowledge he manages to solve any language obstruction. As langauges are his hobby, he knows lots of interesting facts that are often neglected when learning in formal way and shares them with his students to bring them closer to the language.



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