In these days you can see many men that take care of themselves maybe more than women. Some of them are interested in fashion and some of them care also about their skin, hair, beard or teeth. We have here some habits and advices that are connected with the good looking men.

Smell is the most powerful sense, so It means, you should choose your perfume wisely. You should take time to find out, which fragrance is the best for you. But don’t forget, less is sometimes more.

Sun is the real enemy for your skin. But not only in summer, also in winter can sun cause damage. But don’t worry, there are sunscreens, which you can use almost every time.

Time management is also very important. In modern lifestyle, there is no time for anything. But you should reserve time for your barber, because he is one of the most important person, if we are talking about your care.

New survey says that over 10 percent of people don’t brush their teeth every day. This shouldn’t be your case. Teeth are very important also for your health, so don’t underestimate the care about them.

Shaving is another part of the care about your skin or beard. If you want to shave well and safely, you should use hot water and before shaving also a face scrub, because it reduces the chance of razor burn.

Hydration is for skin also very necessary. You should drink two litres of water every day, but there are also other ways, how you can hydrate your skin. You can use a moisturizer with humectants.

Mirror should become your really good friend, because every time you leave the house, you should check yourself at least two times. And moreover it supports your self-confidence.

Hair is another important part of your look. You shouldn’t shampoo and dry yourself too aggressively. It can cause damage to your hair and you don’t want to lose more hair than is necessary.

Bad habits are bad for your health and also for your skin. Smoking is bad, because it reduces blood flow to the skin. And when you drink too much alcohol, your skin changes the colour and its redder, because alcohol causes greater blood vessel formation.

It’s natural that women take care of themselves, they are also interested in fashion, they choose the right perfume for long hours and care about their bodies. But what about men? Yes, they are getting closer when we talk about those things. They also have their habits and therefore we have some tips for everyone, who wants to look more amazing or just be attractive.

Perfumes are like magic. If you choose wisely, you can get any woman you want. But if you choose badly, it can ruin everything. Choosing the right perfume takes time, so don’t hurry. And don’t forget, less is more.

Everyone loves sun. But not your skin. Sun can cause real damage to your skin, so you should protect it. And that’s why we have sunscreens. You can use them in winter also, because sun can be unpleasant then too.

If you want to look classy, you also need some time. So slow down, reserve time at your barber and just relax.

Care about your teeth is really important. But not everyone takes this seriously. A new survey says that 10 percent of people don’t brush their teeth every day. So don’t be in that 10 percent and also don’t forget to clean between your teeth.

There are also some habits you should do before shaving. The most important one is that you should use hot water and also a face scrub. This reduces the chance of razor burn and in-growing hairs.

Hydration is very important for your skin. You maybe already know that you should drink at least two litres of water every day. But you should also use some moisturizer for your skin.

You can think you look awesome, but do you check yourself in the mirror? Because details can be crucial. So become a friend with your mirror.

Your hair is your treasure and you should treat it that way. You shouldn’t shampoo and dry it too aggressively. Don’t lose more hair than is necessary.

If you don’t want to have damaged skin, you should avoid bad habits. Smoking is bad, because it reduces blood flow to the skin. And alcohol causes your skin to change colour and it’s redder than normally.


Take care of – To assume responsibility for the maintenance
Habit – a tendency or disposition to act in a particular way
Therefore – For that reason
Cause – make it happen
Protect – To keep from being damaged
Sunscreen – a cream or lotion that protect skin from the sun
Unpleasant – offensive
Barber – a person whose business is cutting men’s hair and shaving beards
Survey – a report incorporating the results of such an inspection
Brush – To clean
Shave – To remove the beard or other body hair
Razor – edge tool used in shaving
Moisturizer – A cosmetic cream applied to the skin to counter dryness
Crucial – Extremely significant or important
Treasure – a collection of precious things
Necessary – Needed or required
Avoid – to keep out of the way of



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